Carrots Carrots


Description :The Carrots are a healthy and great food for the human body, sweet in taste, and eaten ..

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Cucumber Cucumber


Description :It is a kind of refreshing vegetable with its pleasant aroma. It is considered a snack ..

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Description :One of the Seasonal vegetables that characterized by a dark purple or black color, It u..

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Hot pepper Hot pepper

Hot pepper

Description : Hot pepper is used to add flavor to many foods, either directly or by using it as a s..

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Indian Hot Pepper Indian Hot Pepper

Indian Hot Pepper

Description :Hot pepper is used to add flavor to many foods, either directly or by using it as a spi..

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Lemon Lemon


Description :A fruit that have a Citrus taste , which is considered one of the most consumed tropica..

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Okra Okra


Description :Okra is one of the popular vegetables in the Arab region, the most famous of which is o..

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Pepper Capsicum Pepper Capsicum

Pepper Capsicum

Description :Sweet pepper comes in different colors, such as green, red, orange and yellow, and may ..

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Potatoes Potatoes
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Description: Among the most widespread vegetable crops around the world, it is characterized by con..

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Pumpkin Pumpkin


Description:  Also called pumpkin, it is a sweet-tasting vegetable that ranges in color from d..

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Tomatoes Tomatoes


Description :One of the most important types of vegetables, It contain many vitamins and nutrients, ..

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Zucchini Zucchini


Description :Zucchini contains many vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, often used cooked to..

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Red onion Red onion

Red onion

Description: Onion is known in the past, and it is a natural antibacterial and anti bacteriosta..

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